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Disc Spring

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Standard Products

L&A has developed a complete range of standard products as per DIN 2093 and DIN 6796. These two German standards are considered as benchmarks for quality of Disc Springs and Belleville Washers worldwide. There are very few companies in the world, which can adhere to these demanding standards and L&A is one of them.

L&A has developed tooling for all Disc Spring varieties mentioned in DIN 2093 like Group- 1 (thickness<1.25mm), Group-2 (thickness =1.25mm and 6mm) and Group-3 (thickness >6mm). Within these groups, all standard size as per Series A, Series B, Series C are available.

Considering the world wide trend of immediate deliveries for disc springs, L&A has set up an extremely efficient manufacturing system which is well supported by aggressive raw material stocks. This, coupled with multi-cavity tooling, has resulted into faster execution of orders received.

Non-standard Products

L&A, in line with its core competence, has developed the ability for

• Designing of Disc Springs to suit the customized applications.

• Development of complicated tooling within a very short period

• Wide range of materials-65Mn,50CrV4,17-7PH,Inconel……

• Various surface coating including DAC,Epoxy coatings, Mechanical Zinc plating & other special plating requirements.

Apart from this, L&A’s continuous Research and Development efforts have resulted into L&A getting many prestigious international OEM customers, such as Areva,Siemens,ABB,Neway Valve.......)

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